Lee’s lunchtime lockdown tips part 2

You may have seen our first lunchtime lockdown tips, but as lockdown is very much still upon us, Lee Taylor is back with some more advice to liven up your lunchtime and boost your wellbeing and business during lockdown.

1. Stay connected
You are more than likely having more meetings and zoom calls than ever to adapt to the current ‘normal’ and it can feel exhausting at times. But connecting with other people – even virtually – not only helps you feel more confident and relaxed but it can also help to give you a different perspective on things.
Mi property are here to help so whatever frustrations your brokerage may have then pick up the phone and we will help make your life easier.
2. Make yourself a fancy lunch
While working from home isn’t for everyone, there a few perks of being in your house. Why not make the most of your kitchen during your lunch break? Treating yourself to a tasty lunch is a nice way to give yourself a boost, not to mention that cooking in itself can be a way to switch of from any stresses at work.
3. Set goals
What do you want to achieve for the day or the week? Set yourself achievable goals to work towards. Ticking off goals from your list gives you a sense of accomplishment and achievement. 
Got business goals you want to achieve? Then get in touch with the team at Mi Property and see how we can help you.
4. Stay motivated
Struggling to stay motivated? Mi Property is working hard in lockdown and it’s business as usual for us. We are always available to quote and win business and will go the extra mile to help you and your clients. Let us provide you with the reassurance and motivation you need to face any challenges that lockdown has thrown your way.
We hope to be on the road and able to see you in the near future but in the meantime we want you to know we are still here and we’re free for a chat over a (virtual) cuppa anytime.
So pop the kettle on and pick up the phone – whatever problems your brokerage has we’ll try to help. 
Lee Taylor is available on 077 8996 0021 or email lee.taylor@mi-property.co.uk.

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