Mi Property Fantasy football league has kicked off!

Summer Transfers

With both the premier league and the Mi property Fantast football league starting up again there is no surprise there are some huge movements from both leagues. First, let’s talk transfers. The biggest news to the premier league surely has to be the return of Ronaldo. This has excited fans across the world! Returning to the club that made his career and being the most expensive 36 year old, no doubt these are some big boots to fill. Joining with Ronaldo at United are Sancho and Varane. Excellent international players, who have won plenty of trophies between them, but will they be able to perform in the best league of the world? As for their rivals, Aguero departed City and made way for Grealish. Tactical move or a gamble from Pep? At Chelsea, the new signing Lakuka is already showing his brilliance in a blues shirt. Lastly, worrying signs for Gunners as they have spent more than 100m but are now finding themselves at the bottom of the league. What has happened to Arsenal?

To sum up, this has been a big summer for Premier League clubs as they have spent more than £1bn between them in the last couple of months. Let’s watch and see how these transactions unfold in the rest of the season.

League update

In terms of the league table, not much can be said about the points at the moment, but interesting to see how Tottenham are at the top and their rivals at the bottom. I am excited to see how this north London derby continues this season. Following Tottenham are 5 clubs on seven points. It is already shaping up to be a competitive start to the league.

Mi Property Fantasy football league update

No surprise as Clive Bevan is off to a strong start, being the winner of the Mi Property Fantasy football league 20/21 must have given him the motivation he needs. The race is fairly close between first and second place. Tracy Mackenzie is only two points behind! As for the other members, there is no doubt that they are in contention of the top places. The top ten spots have all hit 200 points or more. It is safe to say that this league is off to a flying start and we are in for some heated competition. Good luck to all!

If you would like to like to know more about your position in the Mi Property Fantasy Football League or learn how to get involved, contact Lee Taylor on 07789 960021 or email Lee.Taylor@mi-property.co.uk.

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