Home Emergency Assistance policy for Landlords


  • 24 hours / 365 days a year emergency assistance
  • Failure or breakdown of the heating or hot water supply
  • Damage to plumbing and drainage system, including leaking pipes and blocked drains
  • Failure or breakdown of the electricity or gas supply
  • Damage to the roof caused by storm or fallen branches
  • Damage caused to external locks, doors or windows which render the property insecure
  • Professional extermination and control of pests including rats, mice, wasps & hornets nests

The Home Emergency claims helpline offers tenants and landlords the service required when the unexpected occurs. The claims advisors will assess the home emergency and arrange for a qualified contractor to undertake work necessary.

Cover limits

  • We will pay up to £500 per claim, including parts, labour and materials and VAT to carry out an emergency repair.
  • We will also pay up to £100 should the insured home become uninhabitable as a result of the emergency claim.

 Home Emergency Assistance Leaflet
 Home Emergency Assistance Policy for Landlords

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